Passion.. Dedication.. Professionalism..

Ahura racing is a professional racing team formed in 2017, owned and managed by Three-Time National Champion, Sarosh Hataria who has two decades of successful racing experience.

AHURA’s goal remains singular:¬†We exist to win in everything we do.

Our Inspiration

Video Courtesy JK Tyre Motorsport

AHURA exists to win, and it is this philosophy that drives the company and has instilled in the company a set of values that have become ingrained in our way of doing things. We operate in the world of racing where a fraction of a second can make the difference between winning and losing; between glory and failure. We strive to do things better and lead by example, understanding that even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant details matter. We do not compromise, our singular focus is success, and we never lose sight of that. We have a no-compromise philosophy.

The skills, experience, and enthusiasm of the people within AHURA Racing is the engine that drives us. Crucial to this AHURA places a premium on recognizing developing and promoting talent.

Additionally, AHURA is at the forefront of developing the next generation of engineers, inspiring young people to pursue careers in engineering.

AHURA strives to have a positive effect on the environment wherever possible and reduce our negative impact wherever required.

We’re continually striving to improve, innovate and contribute towards a better future.

“Breakthrough the perceived limitations of high-performance driving by using technical excellence and winning strategies.”

AHURA has a long-term goal of spotting talent, nurturing young drivers and preparing them for the rigors of Formula 1.

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